5 Wintertime Care Tips for Vintage Tractors

Whether you own one as a hobby or use it as a reliable workhorse, a vintage tractor needs its fair share of care and upkeep. This is especially true during the winter months, since constant exposure to cold temperatures can take a toll on the engine and other various components. If you're planning on giving your tractor a well-deserved rest this winter, then these tips should come in handy for keeping your tractor healthy throughout the winter.

DIY Sod Installation & Care

Sod is grass that is grown at a company and transported to your home once it reaches maturity. This allows you to install grass without worrying about seeding and being unable to use your lawn. One aspect of sod that people tend to worry about is the cost. If you have looked into buying sod, but you can't afford the installation cost, you can buy it and install it yourself. Here is a 'do it yourself' on installing sod on your lawn.